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Classes and Workshops

Workshop:  Eating for Pleasure, Energy, & Weight Loss  

When: Registration has closed


Cost includes: 8 group coaching sessions and the book The Slow Down Diet by Marc David

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This group coaching program is open to men and women interested in learning a profoundly new way to look at how we eat and how we can turn our metabolism into a powerhouse. You will learn simple, practical strategies that are proven metabolic game changers and can lead to life-transforming, sustainable results. Each workshop will focus on a different way to TUNE OUT the noise and dizzying pace of our conventional modern lifestyles and TUNE IN to our own unique beliefs and habits that impact our connection with food and body. You will learn to nourish the body and soul with quality food; inspire new habits that help you achieve optimal health; increase energy; enhance digestion; and feel rejuvenated and inspired about your body and your relationship with food.

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