What is a Holistic Wellness Coach?

If you are ready for a healthier, intentional lifestyle but are after an alternative to the western medical paradigm and traditional psychotherapy, a holistic wellness coach might be a great fit. Holistic wellness coaching focuses on individual health, lifestyle, and behavior goals in one-to-one sessions. A holistic wellness coach integrates all facets of your life when working to achieve your goals. They guide you toward success using simple, achievable actions that address your emotional health, work and financial stresses, troubling relationships, sleep, and any other chronic stressors you may be experiencing.  If your goal is to feel better physically and have more energy, a holistic wellness coach will not only offer nutritional suggestions, but will also explore toxic thinking and negative core beliefs that can dramatically impact physical wellbeing. The holistic coaching approach can be extraordinarily effective in achieving positive long-lasting results in a short time-frame because of this integrative mind-body approach.


DawnSong Rising offers holistic wellness coaching, consulting and classes with specialization in Mind Body Nutrition and Eating Psychology.  Alesha Dawn serves the Dallas – Fort Worth metroplex. Wondering if Holistic Wellness or Life Coaching is right for you? Call or e-mail Alesha today!

Financial barriers? Time constraints? Don’t live in the Dallas – Fort Worth area? Don’t let that stand in your way! Call to discuss options that might work for you.

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Initial Consultation

In-depth conversation and inquiry session that allows Alesha to learn more about you and your specific challenge and to introduce Mind Body Nutrition and Eating Psychology principles and how your body can be a muse for personal growth and amazing transformation.  The Initial Consultation typically lasts 90 to 120 minutes.  $150

Follow-up Session

Designed to help you adopt new, positive, long-lasting changes for difficult eating, health and life challenges. 50-minute coaching sessions break through distorted eating rhythms, behaviors and personal beliefs that may be holding you back from optimal well-being - transforming metabolism, shape-shifting both body and lifestyle, and promoting physical, emotional, and spiritual health.  $95

Mind-Body Wisdom: Personalized Life Coaching

Personalized life coaching focuses on empowerment through the wisdom of mind-body connections to guide those experiencing stressful life transitions or resistance to looming decisions that sometimes express themselves physically, in unwanted behaviors, and in powerful addictions.  Our bodies have evolved creative ways of communicating emotional and spiritual messages to us.  They can start with very subtle signals (like tense shoulders, skin rashes, an eye twitch, nausea as we sit in traffic on the way to work) and escalate uncomfortably if left unheeded.

Well-BE-ing: Health and Wellness Management

Learn the six essentials of Well-BE-ing and how to apply them in your everyday life to restore, rebuild, and rejuvenate your body, your relationships and find mental clarity.  This program is perfect for those who feel tired, bored, or stuck in their lives and are ready to tap creative energy and propel into optimal physical, mental and spiritual health.

Health and Wellness Management focuses on taking a holistic, full-body approach to managing health, by balancing Mind, Body and Nutrition.  Well-BE-ing explores how thoughts, feelings, fears and beliefs profoundly impact overall health. It offers practical, results-oriented strategies for the most commonly seen challenges and chronic complaints of our time.

Digestive Wellness: Nutrition with Nourishment

Discover key powerful, pharma-free changes that can be made to sooth digestive distress. This unique coaching approach works with the body to help those struggling with heartburn, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, binge eating, emotional eating, and deep-rooted body image issues and dietary fears of fats, calories, or carbohydrates that are fed by the profoundly toxic diet-industry.

The nutrition and nourishment program helps to

  • Tap into your inner ENERGY source to fight fatigue and strengthen and support your immune system
  • HEAL disordered eating and troublesome digestive issues
  • Learn RADICAL SELF-LOVE: a positive, healthy relationship with your body and food